Posted by Cass Edwards on 29 Oct 2016 (updated 29 Oct 2016)

We're celebrating Halloween today @ Wildilocks (as we are always closed Monday)! Come on down between 10am-5pm for some spooooky fun, get some treats or play some tricks!

There's also so many excellent events on this weekend! We hope to see you @ The Brink or @ The New Order or maybe at the Fang Halloween Ball! Don't forget we are also closed this Tuesday November 1st for Melbourne Cup Day Holiday.

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 28 Sep 2016 (updated 28 Sep 2016)

Hey folks!

Due to Burning Seed being cancelled :(((( and really wet weather set for most of Victoria this coming weekend, we've made the decision to keep the salon open for 1 more week before renovations begin and extend the 50% off sale for this extra week! So if you had thought you had completely missed out, you have one last chance to get in before we shut the doors for the first 2 weeks of October! If you're in town for Seed, and are bummed to be missing your favourite annual event, then we're offering not only 50 percent off, but an extra buy one, get one free...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 02 Sep 2016 (updated 02 Sep 2016)

It's been a while since our last post and also since our last SALE. Well guess what? You get BOTH today! And for the sale, not just one day, or one week... but a WHOLE MONTH - a Smashing September Sale!

Why smashing? Well, this is exciting news. We are soon to be RENOVATING and this means lots of smashy smashy inside the salon as we get rid of the old to make way for the new. And we need to get rid of stock to make this whole process faster and easier. Renovation means we will be closed around 2...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 29 Apr 2016 (updated 29 Apr 2016)

This is the before, during and after of the longest hair detangling we've ever done - with an amazing story.

Our client has been in a coma for a month, and nurses had not properly brushed her hair - seeing how long it actually was is not surprising, but also not excusable. Once out of hospital our client tried everything to get the knots out and went to about a dozen hairdressers who said they couldn't detangle it, and would cut it off. She didn't want to lose her lovely hair, so she...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 28 Oct 2015 (updated 28 Oct 2015)

Hola Wildilocks friends & fans! We are again celebrating the most spooky time of the year, but this year is one of the magical years that Halloween actually falls on a Saturday! So instead of the weekly sale we often have, this year, we're mixing it up a little. This year for ONE DAY ONLY on Saturday 31st October we are offering 31% off ALL clothing & accessories: that includes all pants, tops, jackets, corsets, skirts, hair falls, hats, New Rock Boots, jewellery,...

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Posted by Cass Edwards on 07 May 2015 (updated 07 May 2015)

So our trials have gone fantastically, thankyou models who put your hands up to be guinea pigs!!

We've been blown away by how hair looks and feels after the *Plex treatment. It really does seem to be everything we've been told, which is awesome for us, and for your hair.

Here's probably the best visual example we've done so far - the hair actually looks LONGER and THICKER, and feels amazing:

Because we're so happy with the product, we're happy to announce we are going to roll...

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