Last minute model call! We're testing *Plex! 30% off colour with FREE *Plex NO BREAKAGE fortifier!!!

Hello lovelies,

If you're very up on the latest developments in the hair & beauty industry, you might have heard of a new product by the name of Olaplex - or one of the growing number of competing *Plex products with similar names and similar effects. These new type of hair fortifying products which create bonds in coloured hair which strengthen where damage usually occurs, to the point that these products are being hailed as a complete revolution in hair colour - and are especially useful for the kinds of intense crazy colours that Wildilocks is known for. Imagine - your wonderful blue, green purple pink or orange hair with ZERO breakage! Hard to believe, right??? We think so too, sooo....

*Plex products have just begun to be available in Australia, and we have just got our hands on our first batch, and we are keen to start testing them as SOON AS POSSIBLE. Like, NOW. Today. Ok maybe not today, but DEFINITELY tomorrow (Thursday from 12pm and Friday from 11am we have time for ONE model each daytime, or Wed/Thu next week at a pinch). But we need MODELS!!!!

So to encourage you to help us trial the revolutionary *Plex products, we are offering a 30% training discount on any type of hair colour service but prefer pre-lighten & SFX colour, INCLUDING the *Plex treatment for NO EXTRA COST. This is with a fully qualified senior stylist so it's a fantastic deal! This we are offering because we want to be 100% sure the products are as good as advertised, and we'll ask you for some follow up feedback at 2-3 months after the service.

Once we are confident the *Plex products work as advertised, we will offer it as an additional service to colour for only $25 for short-medium / fine hair and $50 for medium - long / thick hair - this service can be applied without a colour as an alternative too.

Interested? Drop us an email on or call us from 10.45am Thursday!

Cass @ Wildilocks