Dread Empire Soothing Scalp Dread Shampoo 400ml

Dread Empire Soothing Scalp Dread Shampoo 400ml
$22.95 inc.
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With the renowned calming and antiseptic properties of Lavender combined with Rosemary Oil’s ability to treat a flaky scalp through stimulating hair and skin follicles, this shampoo is ideal for those who suffer from itchy and irritated scalps. Or… you may just choose it because you dig the sweet smelling aroma like we do!

The base of this dread shampoo uses plant and coconut derived ingredients which thoroughly cleanses your hair leaving your dreads squeaky clean. Keeping your dreads free from oily build up is the fastest way to achieve tight, healthy dreads. Shampoo as often as desired and for the ultimate dread experience, once your dreads are dry apply a small amount of dread wax and palm roll into the dread.

But best of all, our very own Dread Empire Shampoo remains Australian Made and free from harsh chemicals such as Lauryl Sulphates. Made in Australia


Ingredients: Purified Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside (plant derivative), Cocamido Propyl Betaine (coconut oil derivative), Citric Acid, Phenoxy Ethanol (Natural Preservative), Lavender Essential Oil

Price: $22.95 including GST